Dear Customers,

We are a road transport company boasting a long-standing tradition and extensive experience. We have always attached great significance to maintaining good relations with our clients and have strived to provide quality service by employing a stable, well-trained staff and constantly expanding and modernizing our fleet of semi-trailer trucks. Our expertise has earned us the reputation of a reliable business partner of choice for international transport services. We can handle transportation of a wide range of cargos using curtainsiders as well as tank and refrigerated trailers.

rzetelna firma

Reliable Firm.

Since 2011, we have consistently been certified to meet the criteria of the Reliable Firm Programme.

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firma fairplay

Fair-Play Business.

We have received consistently positive opinions from our business partners.

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Reliable fleet

We regularly replace our tractor units and semi-trailers with new models to keep our fleet in top working order and up to date. Fully serviced on a regular basis, our fleet ensures smooth fulfilment of your transport orders.

Europe-wide service

We deliver to all European destinations. Looking for a special transport service? Contact us!

GPS tracking

With our constant vehicle tracking system and experienced forwarding agents, we are always able to provide you with precise information on the current location of your cargo.

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